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燃料电池氧还原ORR非铂催化剂的研究 DCC Template Other 曼丽 王 (new window) Opens in new window
基于视频平台播放数据的研究分析 DCC Template Aberystwyth University nut z (new window) Opens in new window
Young People's Sexual Wellbeing MRC Template University of Glasgow Raquel Boso Perez (new window) Opens in new window
Writing a good data management plan (ESRC template) ESRC Template Durham University Nicholas Syrotiuk (new window) Opens in new window
Worlding Public Cultures: The Arts and Social Innovation For grants awarded before 1 January 2020 - Data Management Plan NWO (English) Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Wayne Modest (new window) Opens in new window
Women in Multiple Low Paid Employment: Pathways between Work, Care and Health University of Glasgow Staff Template University of Glasgow Ade Kearns (new window) Opens in new window
Who joins For Britain, Pegida UK and Democratic Football Lads Alliance, and what are their concerns? NTU PGR Data Management Plan Nottingham Trent University Alice Sibley (new window) Opens in new window
Who Benefits from Development Programs? ESRC Template Queen Mary University of London Jonathan de Quidt (new window) Opens in new window
What teaching strategies are used by Teachers of the Deaf and mainstream teachers to support deaf children’s (KS1 and KS2) access to the science curriculum? University of Manchester Generic Template University of Manchester Maria Rafaela Michalopoulou (new window) Opens in new window
What’s keeping registered nutritional therapists up at night? Using classic Glaserian grounded theory to explore the current concerns of registered nutritional therapists against a backdrop of change in the healthcare sector. DCC Template Other Penny Priestley (new window) Opens in new window